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Lynn Angel, Cape Angel Guesthouse
“About a year ago I decided to test drive the Spindel in my guesthouse and cookery school. I was fairly confident that it was yet another gimmicky gadget, but I gave it a try anyway. Imagine my surprise when the Spindel proceeded to squeeze 2 cups of water out of a load of washing, fresh out of the spin cycle of my top of the range AEG washing machine. In simple terms, 2 cups of water = a saving of 45 minutes in my top of the range, super smart sensor logic AEG tumble dryer.”I am now completely addicted to using the Spindel and cannot imagine a laundry day without that amazing gadget. I am delighted that it saves me thousands of Rands a year in electricity and happily endorse it as a must-have appliance for guesthouses, B&B’s, hairdressing salons, restaurants and households with frequent loads of washing.
Louise du Plessis
“It has really made a huge difference. My bath sheet was the best, I got about 500ml extra water out, couldn’t believe it! My Spindel is my new best friend, love it.”
SB Marshall
“After using my Spindel for a few months and I can’t imagine being without it. My clothes are now dry in no time and all the detergents are sucked out of them making them feel softer and gentler on my family’s skin. It also makes washing day faster and easier.”

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